Blog Plans

I thought I would write a quick post today about my overall plans for this blog and give you a sneak peak at some of the ideas I have for upcoming posts.

As you know from my first post, this blog is mainly a lifestyle blog about motherhood. In addition to this, I also plan to blog about some of the other pieces of my life that make me excited.

Crafting and crochet. I love to craft. Once upon a time I ran my own crafting and sewing business called O’Darlin. Nowadays, I enjoy crafting for fun and love best of all to make projects for my home and my little one. Here’s a taste of some of my most recent projects.


Breastfeeding Chair. I decided that instead of buying a new chair for breastfeeding, I would refresh an antique one that I already had. I gave the frame of the chair a good clean and reupholstered the cushion. The original chair had a gold cushion with purple, wine and navy paisley designs. It was a pretty chair but didn’t match the vision I had for my nursery/bedroom.

I took apart the existing cushion cover and used it to make a pattern. I salvaged the zipper and the cording for the piping. I sewed everything together on my home sewing machine and I think it turned out great! I have the chair next to the crib for late night feedings and story time. It’s not the most comfortable but sometimes a girl has got to with style over substance.


Christmas Eve Countdown Advent Calendar. One of my favourite childhood memories of Christmas was counting down the days to Christmas Eve on the felt Christmas tree advent calendar my mother made. I loved when it was my turn to take the ornament out of the pocket and put it on the tree. As the younger sibling, my sister inherited the calendar when she had her first child. Wanting to keep the tradition alive, I made my own!

I hand sewed and beaded each ornament out of felt, seed beads and sequins. Some of the ornaments, like the snowman and jack-in-a-box are exact replicas from my mom’s calendar, while others like the hot chocolate and pink mitten were inspired by Pinterest. It was definitely a labour of love, and I hope my baby girl remembers growing up with it like I did!


Baby’s Crochet Bunny Rabbit. I love browsing Pinterest for crochet tutorials. I wanted to crochet a stuffed animal for Cerys and came across this great tutorial from One Dog Wolf. I followed the tutorial exactly down to the yarn used, with the exception of the glass eyes – I just used black yarn. I love how it turned out and I might make another one with  regular, worsted weight yarn for one of my nieces. It is definitely a pattern for intermediate crocheters, but if you have the patience (and a lot of stitch markers), I recommend giving it a try. I imagine that when Cerys gets a bit older they will go on lots of adventures together.

Home Improvement and Decor. After 13 years living in the city, my husband and I are selling our 1 bedroom condo in downtown Toronto and moving to a small town 2 hours away. This means fulfilling a lifelong dream of buying our very own detached house. I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

I will being doing a blog series called Sweet Pretty Home chronicling finding our house and transforming it into the home of our dreams. Decorating, renovating and DIY-ing! I’ve got my Pinterest board ready to start gathering my project ideas and inspiration. We’re hoping to have found a house and be moved in ready to start the fun by the end of May – I can’t wait!

Here’s a look ahead at my upcoming posts:

– My Newborn Baby Must-Haves

– How I Soothe My Crying Baby

– The Best New Mom Advice I’ve Received So Far

I hope you are as excited about my blog plans as I am. Let me know in a comment below what posts you are most looking forward to.

see you soon!



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